Cookie Policy

Poxel considers that it is essential to inform you in a clear and transparent way about the use of cookies prior to your navigation on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

This cookie policy describes the information that Poxel may collect as well as their use. Poxel will not obtain personally identifiable information, directly or indirectly, unless you provide it voluntarily by responding to the appropriate forms.


Cookies are files stored on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) through a browser during the consultation of a website.


You have certain rights regarding the storage and use of cookies on our Website:

  • unless expressly provided otherwise by law, we will ask for your consent to place cookies or other similar technologies on your device;
  • you can block at any time the storage and use of cookies by configuring your browser according to the instructions below;
  • you also have a right to access and delete of your personal information by contacting the cookies provider concerned and specifying the identification number assigned of the cookie.


We only use analytic cookies:

  • these cookies allow us to collect information about how you access, consult, browse and use our Website;
  • the information collected help us to track use of our Website, analyze it, if any improve it, and offer you a better browsing experience.

Analytics cookies (Google Analytics cookies) are placed by Google Inc., a third party. As such:

  • these cookies and the information collect through them, can be transmitted to Google Inc. services;
  • we act with Google Inc. as joint data controllers, but only for the transmission of these cookies and the information collect through them;
  • Poxel has not control on information collected by Google Inc., nor does Poxel have any control over Google Inc., analytics service provider, which acts as independent data controller, including in the context of data transfer outside of the European Union since Google Inc. is located in the United States and has adhered to the Privacy Shield principles available at

For more information, and subject to the availability of this information in English, click here to review the Google Analytics Privacy Policy on cookies.

These cookies are persistent, which means that they remain on your device after you have left the Website until their expiration date.

Name Duration Data Collected

Google Analytics

13 months

Session data:

· date of the first session;

· date of sessions;

· duration of sessions;

· page visited.

Device data:

· type of device;

· browser used;

· screen size.

Geographic data:

· language;

· geographic area.


If you exercise your right of opposition under the conditions of this policy:

  • no personal data relating to your browsing will be collected by analytical cookies;
  • no personal data will be passed on to any analytics service provider;
  • you can access, consult, browse and use our Website normally.

You can exercise your right of opposition and block cookies on our Website, in two ways:

  • you may disable Google Analytics cookies by using a browser add‐on module. This module is freely downloadable by clicking here: .
  • you may object to cookies by using your browser settings. Depending on the browser you are using, you should follow the instructions below:

For Firefox:


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For Google Chrome:


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For Safari:

Computers (Mac)

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For Edge:


Mobile (Windows 10 Mobile)

For Internet Explorer: